Vodka Uses in Survival Situations

Vodka Uses in Survival Situations: by Senior Police Detective Troy Edwards (Ret), The Crosshairs L.L.C.

Here is a Prepper “Snapple Fact” for you. Have you ever thought about how useful VODKA can be in a survival situation? Here are several ways that Vodka can come into play in a survival situation:

-You can cook with it.
-You can drink it.  In a survival or emergency situation in would be good to calm the nerves or to bond with others by sharing a drink.
-You can barter with it. Alcohol in general will be a very valuable commodity.  In a survival or emergency situation it will be seen as a “luxury” item.
-You can use it as a mouthwash.  It will do a great job of killing germs and helping you avoid painful oral problems.
-You can use it to help numb the pain of a tooth ache.
-You can apply Vodka dabs to cold sores to dry them out.
-You can use it to ease poison ivy.
-You can use it as a skin repellent to shoo flies and mosquitoes.
-You can clean your stinky feet by wiping them with vodka.
-You can clean the lenses of eyeglasses with it.
-You can use it as an anesthetic for blisters.